Kaitha's Mirror of Introspection

A mirror that causes the viewer to question themselves, coming out wiser and refreshed...sometimes


Gazing into the mirror (a full round action, either as voluntary or using as an “attack”) causes the viewer to peer deep within themselves, both to their benefit and potentially to their dismay. The viewer is healed for 3 x their HD, and all of the following conditions are removed if present: Dazed, Fatigued, Confused, Nauseated, Exhausted. Additionally, they regain one spell of any level OR one use of a limited by day ability (smite, channel, bardic music, quivering palm, etc.) OR one third of any “pool” (ki, grit, etc.) is refilled. However, this soul-searching also strains the viewer’s mind, potentially damaging it, and they must make a DC 18 Will save. If failed, the user takes a 1d3 penalty to Wisdom (as they begin to question if they’ve made the right choices in the past), Intelligence (as they second guess and overanalyze the situation at hand), or Charisma (as they become hesitant and doubtful of their self-worth), determined randomly, for 24 hours. For each 5 they fail the save by (13 or 8), an additional ability is affected.)


Kaitha's Mirror of Introspection

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