Ytria Timeline

2456PP Raj’uliana established

2113PP Orath established

2066-2005PP First Necromancer War

2003PP Vonbolrak established

1343-1332PP War of the Seven Brothers

1332PP Ulcana and Narajiana established from Raj’uliana

1004PP Kynos established

857-851PP The Great Orc War

851PP Jevarrik established

850PP Frythell established

789-783PP Udrikk Seadelver’s voyages to the Shieldmaidens, Northern Shahra, Orath, and Southern and Western Medros

762-743PP Second Necromancer War

737PP Thallasaith established

449PP Saesaroria established

258PP Rakasha Invasion

254PP Rakanos established

8-0PP The Inevitable Purge

3FY Pyneria established

6FY Quorys established

29FY Medrosia established

88FY Current Campaign


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