Ytria is a material plane with four primary continents, a near-continent sized island, and two primary island chains.

Major Locations

Iomt, also called The Freelands, the smallest continent, generally placed in the center of Ytrian Maps.

Jodran, the Wild North, is the largest continent, located northeast of Iomt.

Isle of Medros, or simply Medros, formerly Rakanos, is the second smallest continent (by area, edge to edge it is larger than Shahra, but due to the Medrid Sea has less landmass), located west-southwest of Iomt.

Shahra, the second largest continent, is located southeast of Iomt.

Frythell, also known as The White North and The Cold Isle, is located north of Medros, across the Iaressen Ocean and is nearly as large as Iomt in area.

Orath, also called The Fire Islands, is a large chain of island, varying in size, located southwest of Medros.

The Carrion Keys, or The Pirate Isles, are found nearly due south of Iomt, across the Bagressh Ocean.

The Deepdark, known by The Sunless Continent as well, is a vast set of caves, tunnels, and caverns found beneath both the southern parts of Jordran and the northern parts of Shahra, as well as below the Ripcurrent Pass and the Udrikk Ocean.


Full timeline here

The most important historical event in Ytrian history was The Inevitable Purge. It marks the calendar (PP is Prior the Purge, FY is the Free Years). A strong force of Inevitables came to Ytria to oust a group of Rakashan liches and their followers, who held control or sway over most of the world. They opened a portal off the coast of Etros, which was at the time a small city-state in tribute to Rakanos, bringing several floating fortress. In a highly unusual occurrence, they were further aided by many powerful wizards and sorcerors from various planes (Rakasha tend to breed enemies). A huge hole was cut through the western arm of the Wishbone Spur, and in their inexorable fashion they fought to the Rakasha strongholds in the west of the Isle of Medros (called Rakanos at the time). The war lasted nearly 8 years, and nearly a third of Medros was razed to the ground. The Rakasha artificially created the Scorched Strait that now separates the western isle from the mainland. After their victory, the Inevitables left, except a small rogue group, the Equivocal Order, who had “lost their faith” or whatever one may call it.

Major Historical Figures

Bel-Shamoth, a dwarven lich and necromancer

The Wastewalkers, a band of adventurers who ended the First Necromancer War

Varnu, one of the last of the line of ancient Raj’uliana, and founder of Narajiana

Jaren Jevarrson, a human warlord who found Jevarrik

Udrikk Seadelver, a dwarven explorer from Vonbolrak

Maldreth Vorne, a tiefling wizard, disciple of Bel-Shamoth


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